Environmental Ethics of my business

I am very concerned about our impact on this beautiful planet so I strive to do all I can, both personally and professionally, to be environmentally friendly and to be an ethical business as well as an ethical family.

For my Reflexology treatments I use beautifully hand-crafted products from The Aromatree Company which are:

100% Pure Essential Oils
Natural Ingredients
Not tested on animals
Hand-made with love
Kinesiologically tested
Organic Ingredients used where at all possible
Made in England

For further info or to buy these beautiful products see www.thearomatreecompany.com 

I use natural fabrics for my towels and linens and environmentally friendly washing liquid and other cleaning materials.

I reduce, reuse and recycle as appropriate and am actively working to significantly reduce our household plastic waste.

Our home (which is also my business premises), and our car are both ‘carbon neutral’ as we offset with co2balance. They are a local carbon offsetting company which my husband works for. They run energy efficiency projects across the world working with communities in developing countries to deploy a range of efficient technologies aimed at improving their quality of life, improving health and economic outcomes and reducing global emissions.

For further info on their work go to www.co2balance.com